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Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses How to Find A Summer Internship


Each year students hunt for summer internships in the hundreds of thousands throughout the globe. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, you need to do a bit more to get into the fierce and competitive summer internship programs that equip you with vital skills in the industry and boost your career. Let’s figure out how to find a summer internship:

The Procedure

1. Organize – Before you browse through the internship programs, you need to figure out your primary targets and gather all the necessary resources. Create a list that has your top targets including company names, their contact information, deadlines, necessary materials, and scheduled follow-ups. Create a template for the cover letters of your own reference and print out multiple copies of your resume. Match the cover letters and resume with the company names on your list and highlight or update information that seems relevant to that company.

2. Research – If you know what an organization or company wants from you it’s easier to strategize how to market yourself to them. Head over to your school’s career center and make an appointment to discuss potential internship opportunities that are based on your interests. Career centers are on the speed dial of local companies that want to offer summer internships.

You can also visit the company websites and check out their “Career” or “Work with us” section. If you can’t find any information on an internship program, you can cold call the company or email them and ask if they have any internship program and ask how to apply. You can also visit Internships.com, Careerbuilder.com, InternQueen.com, and other such internship and job websites to look through the internships listed by companies.

3. Make a plan – Once you have all the necessary information on various internship programs, go back to your list and make changes according to your research findings. Figure out your priorities. And decide how many internship programs you want to apply for. Set yourself on the clock and decide how many hours you need to spend on each internship you want to apply for. Make sure you don’t wait around for the same internships after your set deadline. If offers don’t roll in within the set deadline, you need to apply for other internships from the rest of the list.

4. Revise materials – Before you apply for internships, you need to polish up your resume, cover letter and get everything updated. Your career center can help you with that. You also need to edit the cover letters according to the internships you apply for. Mention the position you are interested in, where you would be during summer and your semester. If you have a few letters of recommendation that would work wonders for scoring that dream summer internship. Letter of recommendations from professors, friends, or family with a strong title or position in their profession, or your previous employer.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you follow these steps to find a summer internship that suits you best.

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